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Business Travel Is Out Business Business Travel Is Out Business | Segale Corporate Travel Agency
Business Travel Is Our Business
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Booking your business travel arrangements can be a tedious task, especially if you’re booking for large groups of employees on multiple business trips.

By subcontracting your corporate travel needs with Segale Travel Service, you can save time along with so many more benefits that an online booking tool can't provide. We have the expertise and the industry knowledge to provide expert advice, parallel to the most appropriate corporate travel solutions for your company’sneeds. We will often come up with more cost-effective options than a website can give you in a much faster time frame. Rather than spending hours researching your next business trip, consider handing your itinerary over to a Segale expert and let us do the work of arranging the travel for you.

Our Corporate Sales Executive, Lisa Sachetta, is committed to ensure the relationship between client and Segale Travel is a positive from the start. Lisa’s responsibilities aren’t limited to just new client outreach, she also handles account management and client relations for our entire corporate team.

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